Simkhat Torah Revue

Here’s a novel way to celebrate Simkhat Torah in your congregation. When it comes time to read Torah, prepare not only the traditional ending and beginning readings but additional verses from various places throughout. Inviting congregants or post-B’nai Mitzvah kids to do the reading may lighten the load a bit. Unrolling the Torah around the Sanctuary can add an additional, very special dimension.

You can then use this song to punctuate your readings, and to review the content of the Five Books as well. Download the mp3 files below and use them for rehearsal and/or use the accompaniment recordings for your performance. Whether you simply play the recordings for folks to hear (or provide lyrics so they can sing along) or play the instrumental recordings for your own vocal presentation (solo/duet or perhaps with your choir), or download the sheet music in order to produce the music entirely yourselves, this is a really upbeat, exciting way to celebrate the Simkhat Torah cycle of Torah reading.

Parts one through six each precede a reading from the Torah. Part seven follows your final “review” reading. Then, depending on your preference, you may then want to read the last verses of Deuteronomy/Devarim and the first verse of Genesis/Bereshit, just to get the tradition in. And there’s one final recording that’s an instrumental piece — which you can use to roll up the Torah.

The lyrics for the “Simkhat Torah Revue” were written by Rabbi Elka Abrahamson. I wrote the music. We very much hope you enjoy and benefit from our work.

Here’s a little bit to hopefully whet your appetite …

Download the mp3 files (accompanied vocals and accompaniment w/o vocals), as well as lyric sheets and the sheet music right here.