The first music I ever wrote was due to the encouragement of my mentor and friend, Rabbi Joel Wittstein (z”l). As Educational Director in the mid-1970’s of Isaac Mayer Wise Temple in Cincinnati, OH, Joel suggested I take a semester to study something in Hebrew and the try setting it to music. Why he saw ”the music thing” in me before I did, I’ll never know. But I’m forever grateful that he did.

This is a “garbage can” recording from 1975 of my setting of the Kaddish (meaning, we just turned on a cassette tape recorder and played). Amy Liebschutz, a friend from Kindergarten onward and now an extraordinary vocalist in New York City who goes by the stage name of Amy London, sang for me. We were finalists in the NFTY Song Competition that year which, coming from Cincinnati, was something special.

Hope you enjoy this first work of mine.

Available for download: