Jewish Resources

Every now and then, I work on something that I think might be worth sharing with others. If I’m correct, and you see something here you like, I hope you’ll download it and put it to good use.

  • If you’re a rabbi, cantor or Jewish educator, and are interested in the materials for “Judaism Takes an Honest Look at Love and Sexuality” — a ninth grade retreat promoting frank conversation about sex and wise decision-making about our bodies — please contact me personally.
  • Grab the car keys and let’s go GODshopping! Ellen, Rabbi Mark Shapiro and I first designed this program back around 1987. Since then, we’ve tweaked it and think we’ve designed a terrific way to explore not only some classical Jewish views of God but what we ourselves believe as well. All the materials are here. So from adult down to high school, why not take someone GODshopping! Click here for the powerpoint version.
  • If you’re interested, here’s a very creative, very active implementation of GODshopping that’s very carnival-like, with GOD-booths and such. It’s called GODfest!
  • Dreskin Family Pesakh Readings. Across the years, Ellen and I have added passages to our seder that we feel have enriched them deeply. They’re all collected here in one file. I hope you find something here to enrich your own seder.
  • Dreskin Family Pesakh Funbook! For quite a few years, we’ve been spicing up our seder for the kids (and for kids-at-heart) with “fun pages.” These are brain-teasers (at varying levels of difficulty) that have been re-“fitted” with a Passover theme. If you like, place a few of them on the seder table during the seder (to occupy those whose attention just can’t manage an entire reading of the Haggadah). Or hand out a few as dinner (or dessert) gets going. Whatever you choose, your guests will enjoy a different angle on the age-old story. Don’t forget pencils! Remember: Just a few pages will do it. Save some for future years! And enjoy! A ziesen Pesakh!
  • Silly Songs for Pesakh. How many tunes have had their lyrics rewritten, just to spruce up a seder or five hundred? Well, I’ve collected as many as I can right here. Yours for the taking!
  • TikkunOlamGraphic.MedRez.imoJonahDreskinTikkun Olam Social Action Graphic. I created this graphic in honor of my son, Jonah (z”l), becoming a Bar Mitzvah.
  • Thanksgiving Readings. Need a few readings either for your Thanksgiving dinner table or community worship. Here are some I’ve collected from Interfaith Services I’ve been lucky enough to attend, and a few I’ve adapted as well.
  • Jewish Texts on War. Sadly, the world keeps giving us reasons to download and study these.
  • Kidz Shavuot. A delightful service for young families. Includes the “Blessing of Our First Fruits,” celebrating the arrival of all babies born since last Shavuot.
  • Board of Trustees Installation. Here is the basic outline we use annual to install our new Board (including thank you’s to the old).
  • Selihot Service. This is an amalgamation of materials put together by Rabbi Avi Magid (for Woodlands Community Temple, White Plains, NY) and Rabbi David Gelfand (for Fairmount Temple, Cleveland, OH). DavkaWriter format.
  • 10th Grade Confirmation Curriculum. Designed by me, Ellen, and Rabbi Mark Dov Shapiro, a creative collection with which to explore concepts surrounding God, Torah and Israel.
  • High Holy Days Resource Kit. Designed for students at HUC-JIR, contains a wide variety of ideas and possibilities for creative implementation during Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur.
  • “Yam Ba Dam” Creation Song (mp3). Here’s the greatest little kids’ Shabbat song ever. Besides an mp3 sound recording, you may also download the words and instructions for leading the song.
  • Preparing an Iyyun T’fillah. A how-to guide for creating and presenting compelling introductions to prayers during worship.
  • Writing an Ethical Will. A how-to guide for leaving your child(ren) and grandchild(ren) much more than than you made — leave them who you are.